Unplugged CordSmart phones are everywhere. If you have been to a concert in the past year, you will notice that the crowd members pull out their luminescent screens instead of lighters. Some people constantly update their Facebook with pictures of food they are eating, sunsets, outfits they want, celebrities, and anything else that strikes their fancy.

Safe to say, our society is inundated by the prevalence of social media and mobile technology. So what do you do when you want a private moment to stay, well… private?

For many engaged couples, the answer has been to completely shut down the temptation by throwing “unplugged” weddings.

As the name implies, an unplugged wedding does not allow guests to bring any electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, or handheld video game systems. By banning the superfluous distractions, the couple receives the full attention that they deserve on their special day. They won’t have to worry about flashes or beeps causing heads to turn the wrong way while they are saying their vows or cutting the cake.

As an added bonus, the couple gets more control over what gets posted on Facebook and other social media websites. Personally, if it was my wedding, I would hate to see some second-cousin write “Congrats to the newly married couple!” before I even had the chance to update my relationship status. Having your friends post pictures before you’ve reviewed them is pretty irritating, not to mention rude.

If you are getting married, you may want to consider having an unplugged wedding and banning electronics from the banquet hall. Here are some additional frequently asked questions.

How can I force my friends and family to shut down their devices?

Simply let them know on the invitation that the wedding will be unplugged. If they are not willing to accept this, then they can stay home. If they break the rule, then kick them out of the reception. How good of friends are you if they cannot follow a simple request?

How long does the ban last?

Most couples only restrict electronics during the ceremony, but you are free to extend it throughout all, or part, of the reception as well.

Do I have to make my wedding unplugged?

Of course not! While social media can be a nuisance, it is also very important for instantaneously sharing information and engaging in discussion. Feel free to encourage Facebook usage, as long as it is respectful and positive.