indoor-002Raffi’s Place has always been a top restaurant in Los Angeles for our mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisine, with recognition from the LA Times and Zagat. But now we also feature a spectacular banquet hall atop our establishment, which is perfect for social celebrations.

Next time you are planning a corporate presentation, meeting, seminar, holiday party, or other business venture, consider booking Raffi’s Place. Along with exquisite menu options, you will also be allowed to use our elegant venue to add a touch of class to your proceedings.

Impress Your Clients, Shareholders, or Bosses

The Middle Eastern food at Raffi’s Place is well-renowned; we commonly have guests travel hundreds of miles just to dine at our restaurant. With that selling point, why not try to impress your associates with some world-class cuisine?

Whether you are planning a share-holder’s meeting, a sales pitch to potential clients, or a yearly review to corporate bigwigs, you can be assured that Raffi’s appetizers will lighten the mood before you even get down to business… or to the main course!

Go From Mundane to Fun-Day!

Corporate seminars, conferences, and presentations are a vital, yet boring, aspect of doing business. You need these meetings to relay massive amounts of information that cannot be summarized in an email.

Luckily, hosting at Raffi’s banquet hall in Los Angeles allows employees to refuel with our scrumptious kebabs and hors d’oeuvres between presenters. The open space feels less like an office, creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning. Furthermore, you will probably see an increased participation in next year’s conference!

Move the Holiday Party Away From the Office

Holiday parties are a due reward for a year of hard work, but for some reason it is still the norm to host them at the office where employees bust their backs five days per week.

This year, change the location to a more refreshing venue, like Raffi’s Place. Along with the aforementioned award-winning cuisine, we also feature a full bar. You will definitely notice that employees will unwind more easily and put on their party hats more quickly.