cool turntableWhether you’re throwing a birthday party, anniversary celebration, Quinceanera, or wedding reception, a good DJ will elevate your event to outstanding heights as guests spend all night dancing and enjoying themselves.

A bad DJ, conversely, will clear out a banquet hall faster than running out of alcohol.

But how do you find a DJ, let alone know if he is good? Follow these tips to find an emcee that will spin hot tracks and set the right mood.

Finding a DJ in Los Angeles

1) Get recommendations: Your best shot at getting a good DJ is to ask a trusted source. If you know anyone who has recently thrown a social event, ask him or her what DJ they used and if they would recommend him. If this doesn’t work, post something on Facebook to see if any of those friends have a suggestion.

2) Check online: Your next source is the internet. Do a search for Los Angeles DJs and see what shows up. You can also check Yelp reviews to see how they rank.

3) Ask the venue staff: Raffi’s Place banquet halls have dealt with a few DJs, so we can make recommendations.

Interview Process

4) Find out what type of music the DJ spins: The most important aspect of picking the perfect DJ is ensuring that your musical tastes align. You need to know that he will play the music you want to hear, not what he likes. If he is willing to accommodate your playlist, then he will be a good choice.

5) Ask what he equipment he needs: Most DJs have their own equipment, but don’t take that for granted. If he has a huge list of items that he needs, then you should probably find someone else.

6) Negotiate cost: Figure out how much the DJ is expecting to make from your event and if it fits within your budget. You could also name your price and see if he agrees.

7) Discuss perks: Many times, the DJ is allowed to have some food or cake while working. Some hosts even let the DJ drink while working, but that is up to your discretion. Whatever you choose, make it clear up front.

8) Set expectations: Finally, let the DJ know exactly what you expect from him. Tell him when he needs to arrive for setup, what time the party starts, when he can leave, how often he can take a break, any specific songs he needs to play and when to play them (such as the first dance at a wedding), and any other pertinent pieces of information. It is better to over-plan than be surprised when something goes wrong.

Parties are meant to be fun, but they do take work to setup. Finding the DJ might be a task, but it has a definite impact and can make the event unforgettable. Good luck!