kissing coupleAt Raffi’s Place, we value the foundation of family. In fact, we began as a little Mom and Pop restaurant committed to serving delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and grew into the Los Angeles staple we are today.

One way to honor your family is to throw anniversary celebrations for your spouse, parents, or grandparents to show how much their relationship means to you and the entire family.

We see all sorts of anniversaries pass through our doors- from five years all the way up to fifty! In fact, some guests don’t even celebrate the milestones; they just want to express their love.

In our private banquet room, located above our main restaurant, you can invite family members and close friends to share in the occasion, while dining on our award-winning food. This intimate setting comes with audio equipment for making speeches and a projector and flat screen for presenting slide shows.

Honor Your Parents Eternal Devotion

If you are looking for a way to show your parents exactly how much you admire their commitment to each other and their children, then arrange an anniversary party at Raffi’s Place to commemorate the occasion. Nothing shows your appreciation quite like the meticulous planning of an elaborate celebration.

There is no way to truly repay your parents for the years they spent raising you, but this gesture should go a long way to saying “thank you.”