Koobideh or kūbide (Persian: کوبیده‎) is a ground beef or chicken kabob.

Armenians call it Lule Kabob, In Egypt and Arabic countries it’s called Kofta. But whatever the name, these lusciously fragrant, savory skewers of chopped, seasoned ground chicken are one of the favorite dishes of Middle eastern cousin.

The meat is mixture of chicken breast and leg and is finely ground and given a special seasoning, It is then skewered and grilled and served with grilled tomatoes and paper on the bed of fluffy basmati rice, and butter on top of the rice.

You can also combine it with one skewer of  Chicken Barg, The combination of one chicken barg and one chicken koobideh is called a Chicken Soltani, meaning “for the sultan”.

Another good reason to eat Chicken Koobideh in Raffi’s Place is to enjoy Sabzi, a mix of fresh Basil, onion and radish, served with fresh, soft flat bread, that comes gratis before your meal.