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Event Planning

kissing coupleAt Raffi’s Place, we value the foundation of family. In fact, we began as a little Mom and Pop restaurant committed to serving delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and grew into the Los Angeles staple we are today.

One way to honor your family is to throw anniversary celebrations for your spouse, parents, or grandparents to show how much their relationship means to you and the entire family.

Unplugged CordSmart phones are everywhere. If you have been to a concert in the past year, you will notice that the crowd members pull out their luminescent screens instead of lighters. Some people constantly update their Facebook with pictures of food they are eating, sunsets, outfits they want, celebrities, and anything else that strikes their fancy.

Safe to say, our society is inundated by the prevalence of social media and mobile technology. So what do you do when you want a private moment to stay, well… private?

For many engaged couples, the answer has been to completely shut down the temptation by throwing “unplugged” weddings.

birthday-celebrationBirthday parties at Raffi’s are already special occasions due to the delicious kabobs, lamb dishes, appetizers, hommus, ghormesabzi, Persian rice, and other delectable treats that Zagat ranked as the “Best Middle Eastern Food in Los Angeles” for 2013. We pride ourselves on cooking up authentic Mediterranean dishes; it’s what helped us grow from small establishment to a banquet hall over twenty years.

Along with the food, Raffi’s Place also offers great entertainment options. A 70-inch TV is perfect for watching a sports game or match, while the 120-inch projection screen allows guests to show home movies or slideshow dedications.

cool turntableWhether you’re throwing a birthday party, anniversary celebration, Quinceanera, or wedding reception, a good DJ will elevate your event to outstanding heights as guests spend all night dancing and enjoying themselves.

A bad DJ, conversely, will clear out a banquet hall faster than running out of alcohol.

But how do you find a DJ, let alone know if he is good? Follow these tips to find an emcee that will spin hot tracks and set the right mood.

BabyI’m not sure what it is about the springtime, but it seems like every other couple I know is expecting a baby in the next 2-4 months. There are three things I am guaranteed to see in April: the start of Major League Baseball, blossoming flowers, and birth announcements.

indoor-002Raffi’s Place has always been a top restaurant in Los Angeles for our mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisine, with recognition from the LA Times and Zagat. But now we also feature a spectacular banquet hall atop our establishment, which is perfect for social celebrations.

Next time you are planning a corporate presentation, meeting, seminar, holiday party, or other business venture, consider booking Raffi’s Place. Along with exquisite menu options, you will also be allowed to use our elegant venue to add a touch of class to your proceedings.