In 2012, Raffi’s Place announced the grand opening of its much-anticipated banquet hall. This tastefully designed space offers the signature Raffi’s menu with service adapted to any special event or corporate function up to 150 guests.

Raffi’s Banquet Hall is the perfect venue for large family parties like birthdays, anniversaries or family reunions.  With state-of-the-art presentation and lighting equipment like a 70-inch TV and 120 inch retractable projection screen, Raffi’s Banquet Hall is the perfect corporate events venue for casual or formal gatherings such as holiday parties or awards banquets.

What sets Raffi’s banquet hall apart from the rest?  We’ll be serving your guests our world renowned, authentic Mediterranean cuisine, award winning kabobs and appetizers to help turn your banquet or special gathering into an unforgettable occasion. Every dish at Raffi’s is made with the best quality ingredients, prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen and served with outstanding service in mind–just like you’ve come to expect from dining in our restaurant.

Raffi’s Banquet Hall is perfect for family events and parties such as:

Raffi’s Banquet Hall is perfectly sized as a corporate events venue:

Takeout Catering

Takeout catering orders are available by calling us at 818-240-7411.